The production facility is helped by Utility Department having fully automatic steam boiler, chilling plants, Cooling towers, Water softeners, Nitrogen plant, R.O. Plant, D.G. Set, Dust Collection System and HVAC System.


Pollution Control

ORCHEV respects the environment and takes every possible steps to protect it. The whole plant is in retention for the liquid raw materials arrival as well as for the departure of the liquid wastes. We have, to our credit, an effluent treatment plant (ETP), one of the largest of its kind in Western Gujarat. Stringent measures are adopted to ensure that the parameters affecting pollution are quite within the norms laid down by the regulatory bodies. Solid waste is sent for processing and disposal to approved contractors, while the factory has the necessary equipment to treat and or retreat discharge of atmospheric release. We are developing Green Belt Area in the 60% of total land of unit to minimize the Pollution.